What are baby hedgehogs called?

A baby hedgehog is called a hoglet. This name has been in use since the early 1990s. They are sometimes called hedgehoglets. Before the 1990s, hedgehog babies were referred to as pups, urchins, kits or piglets. The term urchin is also popular today.

Here are some facts about European hoglets and hedgehog families.

  • The male hedgehog is not involved in the rearing of young.

  • Before the baby hedgehog is born, the mother makes a nest for it. This is often located under a garden building (a shed or garage), but it can also be under a bush or in pile of leaves or twigs.
  • Baby hedgehogs are in the womb for 35 days, and they are born with their first spines, which are white and covered by a layer of skin. The spines start to emerge through the skin as soon as the hoglets are born.
  • They are born with their ears and eyes closed, and it takes two weeks for them to gain full sight and hearing.
  • Their teeth grow about three weeks after they are born.
  • Hoglets (or hedgehog urchins) are ready to leave the nest after about two months.
  • Hedgehogs commonly give birth to about 4 or 5 babies, but they can have as many as 10 in a litter.
  • When they are distressed, hoglets make high pitched whining noise.
  • Most European hedgehog pregnancies happen between May and July (after the hedgehog’s hibernation).
  • Hedgehogs can roll into a ball when they are about ten days old.

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