Raymond Briggs: Facts About the Author of The Snowman

Here are some facts about Raymond Briggs.

  • Raymond Briggs was born on 18th January 1934 in Wimbledon, London.
  • He went to Rutlish School for Boys and enjoyed producing cartoons.

  • From 1949 to 1953 Raymond Briggs attended Wimbledon School of Art. He studied painting, and he also took typography courses at Central School of Art.
  • He completed two years of National Service in Catterick in the Royal Corps of Signals.
  • Raymond Briggs became an illustrator, adding images to childeren’s books such as: Peter and the Piskies, Fee Fi Fo Fum, and The Mother Goose Treasury.
  • Briggs started to both write and illustrate books for children. He produced three comic book style books: Father Christmas, Father Christmas Goes on Holiday and Fungus the Bogeyman.
  • The Snowman, Briggs’ most well-known work, was published in 1978. It doesn’t contain any words.
  • In 1982 an animated version of The Snowman was shown on television. It has since been shown on TV every year since at Christmas time.
  • A sequel to The Snowman, The Snowman and the Snowdog, was released in 2012.
  • When the Wind Blows, released in 1982, is a powerful graphic novel about a couple dealing with the reality nuclear war.
  • His other works include: Ug, The Puddleman, Ethel and Ernest and The Bear.
  • Even though his books have made lots of money, Raymond Briggs lives a simple life. He doesn’t enjoy going abroad, he buys his clothes from charity shops and he lives in cottage in Sussex.