Sweden: Facts and Information

Sweden Fact File

Location: Sweden is in Northern Europe and is part of Scandinavia. It has borders with Norway and Finland, and Denmark can be reached by bridge.

Capital: Stockholm (also the largest city in Sweden)

Population: 9.5 million (approx)

Area: 449,964 km sq

Currency: Swedish Krona

Official Language: Swedish


The Flag of Sweden

Flag of Sweden


Other Facts About Sweden

  • Vikings from Sweden, known as the Rus, travelled east and south from Sweden. During the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th centuries they visited many places, such as: Finland, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
  • Sweden was officially neutral during both World War 1 and World War 2.
  • Sweden is a member of the European Union – it joined in 1995.
  • Some of the largest cities in Sweden are: Stockholm (the capital), Gothenburg, Malmo and Uppsala.
  • The Swedish language is very similar to Norwegian and Danish.
  • Many popular bands have come from Sweden, such as: ABBA, Roxette, The Cardigans and The Hives.
  • Astrid Lindgren, the author of the Pippi Longstocking stories, was born in Sweden.
  • Stieg Larsson, the writer of the Millennium crime trilogy, was from Sweden, as was the detective fiction writer, Henning Mankell.
  • Sweden is well-known for its meatballs (served with gravy and lingonberry jam), boiled crayfish and herring.
  • The actresses Ingrid Bergman and Greta Garbo were both Swedish.
  • Sport is incredibly popular in Sweden. Many famous sportsmen and sportswomen have come from Sweden, including: Bjorn Borg, Mats Wilander, Stefen Edberg and Robin Soderling (tennis), Carolina Kluft (athletics), Annika Sorenstam (golf), Henrick Larsson, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (football), and Ingemar Johansson (boxing).
  • The 1912 Summer Olympic Games were held in Sweden.
  • The mobile phone company Ericsson and the furniture chain IKEA are both Swedish companies, as are Electrolux and Zanussi.
  • Sweden has a good reputation in the field of car manufacture. Volvo and Saab are Swedish car manufacturers.
  • The Icehotel in Sweden is the first hotel made completely from blocks of ice. In the Spring the hotel melts.
  • There are about 100,000 lakes in Sweden.
  • A Smorgasbord is a lavish Swedish buffet.