TT Rockstars Tips: How to Get Better at Times Tables Rock Stars

If you want to improve your Time Tables Rock Stars scores, you’ve come to the right place! Follow these tips and you’ll be a Rock Hero before you know it.

  • Focus on accuracy before you focus on speed. Use Soundcheck to work on accurate recall of the multiplication facts when you are a beginner, then use Garage to build your speed.
  • Most of the best players use the number pad on a keyboard to type in the answers. Develop a style that suits you, and keep working on it. For most people, it’s faster to use two hands, and in order to get your score over 100, you’ll need to be able to ‘touch type’ on the number pad (type in numbers without looking at the keyboard).
  • Keep practising. There’s no getting away from it. The more you play, the better you’ll get. And consistency is important too. It’s better to play TT Rock Stars for 20 minutes a day over a week, than playing for 2 hours on one day.
  • Use the My Stats page to focus on improving your weaknesses. When they start out, everybody has one of two facts that they often get stuck on. Practise these whenever you can.
  • Once you get good, Soundcheck can be an excellent way of testing your reactions. See if you can input the answer before the time bar reaches 1.
  • Only use Studio if you are confident you are going to improve your score. If you start a Studio game and are doing badly, quit the game and start a new one to protect your time.
  • Check out the video below for inspiration.
A score of 505 in 3 minutes – 0.36 Game Speed
186 in 1 minute!

Who knows, with lots of practice, maybe you’ll be able to achieve scores like these?

Multiplication Games to Help You Learn the Times Tables

Click on the links below to go to games designed to help you improve your recall of the times tables. All of the links will take you to multiplication games on other sites. None of the games have been created by Primary Facts.

  • Table Trees (by Ambleside Primary) – Practise all of the tables up to x12.
  • Grand Prix Multiplication (by Arcademic Skill Builders) – Use your multiplication skills to race against pupils from all over the world.

  • Space Racer (by Math Playground) – Steer a rocket through an asteroid field by using your times tables.
  • Meteor (by Arcademic Skill Builders) – Use your times table skills to defend your star station from a meteor shower.
  • Math Magician (by Oswego) – Quickfire times tables. Lots of different settings and levels. Great for improving how quickly you can recall the multiplication facts.
  • Batter’s Up Baseball (by Prongo) – Play baseball using your times times table knowledge. Some of the Home Run questions are really challenging (will probably require some form of written method). Warning: The introduction music is loud!
  • Ghost Blasters (by Oswego) – Blast the ghosts that are the multiples of your chosen number.
  • Beat the Clock (by Flash Maths) – Get ten multiplication questions correct before the time runs out.
  • Number Invaders (by Math Playground) – Save your planet from space invaders by correctly answering times table questions. You can choose to include division facts, too.
  • Crazy Taxi (by Coolmath-Games) – Use the cursor keys to steer your taxi. Score points by crashing into cars that are multiples of your given number. Frantic and fun!
  • 3x Table Jigsaw (by Mad 4 Maths) – Use your knowledge of the 3x table to complete a puzzle.
  • 4 x Table Shooting Game (by Mad 4 Maths) – Shoot the bubbles with the correct answers to multiplication questions.
  • Pumpkin Multiples (by Math Playground) – Catch the pumpkins that are multiples of your chosen number.
  • Legend of Dick and Dom (by Topmarks) –  Use your times table skills to help Dick and Dom complete their quest. Several factor and multiple games included. Sound required.
  • Reach for the Stars (by Crickweb) – Space-themed times table quiz.
  • Hit the Button (by wmnet) – Press buttons to answer times table questions. Also options to include halving, doubling and division facts.
  • Spitfire (by ICT Games) – Complete multiplication number sentences by flying a Spitfire plane over the missing number.
  • Speed Grid (Oswego) – Race against the clock, answering various times table questions. Lots of different options and settings.
  • Whack a Mouse! (by Mad 4 Maths) – Practise the 5x table by hitting mice on the head with a mallet.
  • 6x Table Skater (by Mad 4 Maths) – Help a skater avoid obstacles by correctly answering 6x table questions.

Click here for some Time Tables Rock Star tips.