Is Roald Dahl Still Alive?

  • Roald Dahl, the famous British author, died on 23rd November 1990. He was aged 74.
  • He died of myelodysplastic syndrome, a form of blood disease.

  • He died in Oxford in Oxfordshire (England) and he was buried in Great Missenden in the cemetery of St Peter and St Paul’s Church.
  • Apparently, he was buried with some of his favourite things – some red wine, his HB pencils (the type he used when writing his books), some chocolate, his snooker cues and a saw.
Roald Dahl grave
  • Following his death, the Roald Dahl Museum (in Great Missenden) was opened in 1995, and Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery was opened in 1996.
  • Roald Dahl Day is celebrated annually on 13th September (Roald Dahl’s birthday).
  • Dahl was survived by Felicity Ann Crossland (his second wife), and three children from his first marriage to Patricia Neal – Theo, Tessa and Ophelia. Tessa (a children’s writer) is the mother of Sophie Dahl, the famous model, cook and children’s author.